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    SmoothSkin™ - Anti Wrinkle Device

    "LOVE this product!!! This is a game changer!!! I received it on Friday morning and started using it Friday night, 2 times on Saturday and Sunday and I could totally feel and see a difference. During the week I'm using it just at night after I take off my makeup but on the weekends I use it twice a day. I also really like how easy it is and how good it feels. I will definitely buy this again for friends and family as birthday and Christmas gifts. Fabulous!!!”

     -Diana Harris
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    In today's world, the desire to preserve a youthful and vibrant appearance as time passes has reached unprecedented heights. It’s a fact of life that even while exercising and eating healthy, over time skin loses elasticity, begins to sag, and wrinkles will form. Growing older can be a scary process, as signs of aging such as wrinkles in the face and neck can cause insecurities when going out in public, and a decrease in overall self confidence.

    SmoothSkin™ - Anti Wrinkle Device is one of the fastest and easiest ways to keep the face and neck free of wrinkles, and looking young and vibrant. Its 3 modes of light therapy work together to clean the pores, stimulate collagen production, and restore skin elasticity to keep that youthful appearance. Discover the joy of renewed self-confidence while using SmoothSkin™ to effectively counter the signs of aging, and maintain a lasting youthful appearance.




    SOOTHING VIBRATION:  When contact is made with the skin, SmoothSkin™ automatically vibrates at a gentle, soothing pace, helping to improve circulation. Enjoy a gentle face massage with this device while producing healthier looking skin!

    ANTI-AGING THERAPY:  SmoothSkin™ utilizes light, heat and vibration to stimulate a number of healthy activities in the skin such as anti-inflammation and collagen production. Enjoy tighter skin on the face and neck along with a youthful glow that will brighten the day!

    THERAPY MODES:  SmoothSkin™ uses green light to promote circulation, blue light to reduce inflammation, and red light to stimulate collagen production. Use all three modes consistently and enjoy seeing the skin tighten and wrinkles fade away!

    RELAXING WARMTH:  SmoothSkin™ heats up and softens the skin, creating a very therapeutic effect. Experience the relaxing effects of a professional spa in the comfort of home as this device soothes and relaxes the face and neck.

    RECHARGEABLE BATTERY:  With a built-in rechargeable battery and a USB charging cord, SmoothSkin™ will run for a surprisingly long time. Embrace convenience and efficiency and enjoy the simplicity of plugging the device into the wall to recharge.


    1. Remove SmoothSkin™ from the packaging
    2. Connect the USB charging cable and wait until fully charged
    3. Press the power button to turn SmoothSkin™ on
    4. Select the desired mode (Green Light, Blue Light, or Red Light)
    5. Pass the head of the device over the surface of the skin, completely covering the face and neck areas
    6. Use consistently 4 times per week or more during the first 4 weeks for best results
    7. Then drop to once per week or so for maintenance according to preference
    8. Enjoy getting compliments on having more youthful, vibrant looking skin!

    We understand how it feels to begin to show signs of age, and feel a drop in self confidence when out in public. For countless individuals, looking in the mirror and seeing wrinkles begin to appear is very upsetting, and can evoke a profound sense of self-consciousness and insecurity. A survey conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found 70% of respondents felt less confident in their appearance as they aged, with wrinkles being cited as the primary concern. 

    Thankfully, SmoothSkin™ - Anti Wrinkle Device restores self confidence and the youthful appearance of skin in a matter of weeks. With heat, vibration, and three types of light therapy - circulation will improve, pores will be cleaned out, and more collagen will be produced, all resulting in tighter, brighter, and more youthful looking skin! Enjoy the delight of feeling young and beautiful while this device gracefully makes the years disappear!


    Material:  ABS Plastic
    Battery Type:  Rechargeable Lithium Ion
    Battery Capacity:  500 mAh
    Output Voltage:  3.7V
    Charging Time:  About 2 Hours
    Working Time:  About 40 Minutes


    1X  SmoothSkin™ - Anti Wrinkle Device
    1X  USB Charging Cable 
    1X  Soft Storage Bag
    1X  Owner’s Manual

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