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    BizToGo™ - Travel Backpack

    "Great big backpack. I travel for work. 2 days out of the week I am out of town and I wanted to minimize my travel kit to one bag. Instead of a suitcase. I thought I would have to make decisions on leaving some things behind because I thought it was going to be smaller. And I couldn't be more wrong. This bag holds a crazy amount of stuff.”

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    Packing different bags with clothes in one and electronics in another, one to check and one to carry on, only adds to the hectic stress of business travel. From airports, to rental cars, to hotels, to meetings and conferences… navigating it all with multiple bags and belongings everywhere is chaotic and distracting. Feeling unorganized only adds to the stress and frustration that come along with business travel.

    With BizToGo™ - Travel Backpack, getting through the airport, into a rental car, and checked into a hotel room with everything in tow has never been so streamlined. Stay organized through the entire work trip with a place for every item, with a main suitcase compartment, waterproof toiletries pocket, and a padded laptop sleeve all in one simple bag. Look and feel on top of things while moving from place to place on a business trip with ease.




    EXPANDABLE DESIGN:  BizToGo™ - Travel Backpack is expandable from 22L to 35L whenever extra space is needed. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to accommodate unexpected or larger items with ease.

    WATERPROOF MATERIAL:  Made from a durable waterproof exterior material, BizToGo™ - Travel Backpack protects clothes and laptops from rain or accidental spills. Feel invincible while traveling efficiently with everything in one organized, well protected bag.


     ✅ LAPTOP POCKET:  BizToGo™ - Travel Backpack has a dedicated, padded laptop pocket that holds up to a 17 inch laptop. Feel confident that laptops and devices are kept safe and organized while on the move!

    EXTERNAL USB PORT:  An external USB charging port is intelligently located on the side of BizToGo™ - Travel Backpack. Whether on a phone call or using GPS while walking, have the necessary power to cover plenty of ground.



    ORGANIZATIONAL POCKETS:  With cleverly designed pockets, BizToGo™ - Travel Backpack helps keep everything needed for a work trip organized. Enjoy an efficient mobile office, with a pocket and a place for everything.

    SUITCASE STYLE DESIGN: BizToGo™ - Travel Backpack opens like a traditional suitcase for efficient packing, allowing easy access to the main compartment. Much better to travel with than a regular backpack, and easier than a suitcase, this bag is the perfect storm!


    AIRPLANE CARRY ON:  BizToGo™ - Travel Backpack is within domestic carry on luggage dimensions and easily fits in an airplane’s overhead compartment. Save time at the airport by never having to check a bag, and say goodbye to lost luggage!

    LARGE CAPACITY:  With it’s 45 liter expanded capacity, BizToGo™ - Travel Backpack easily holds 3-5 days worth of clothes, along with a laptop and business essentials. Experience the convenience of going on a business trip with just one bag.



    We understand that feeling frazzled trying to keep track of all your things makes a business trip far more stressful than it should be. Working on the road and trying to get to meetings on time while constantly having to keep track of devices, chargers, and everything else can feel like nonstop chaos. Studies show that 75% of business travelers rate their travel as being very stressful.

    BizToGo™ - Travel Backpack is designed specifically to make life on the road much easier and more efficient. It opens like a suitcase, making it incredibly easy to pack, while keeping clothes and personal items separate from laptops and work items, with a place to hold everything. "Fly" through the airport and get through a week of work on the road with ease, having everything in one simple, streamlined bag.


    Dimensions:  19.5 x 13 x 6.8 inches
    Capacity:  26 - 45 Liters

    (TSA Recommended Carry On Dimensions:  22 x 14 x 9 inches)


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