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    FamilyFun™ - 4K Camera Drone

    “I bought this drone back in January and all I have to say is… it is AWESOME. My family and I use it about every week going to the beach, park, etc. It is super portable so very easy to bring anywhere. I easily put it in my purse or backpack when we are out and about. The camera is also very good quality. Overall, great product. Thank you :)!”

     - Teresa Thy Tran
    Verified Buyer

    It’s easier now than ever before to take video of all the special moments in life with friends and family. Capturing important moments with a handheld camera or smartphone is very limited with only one camera angle, and usually results in shaky videos that are not very enjoyable to watch. The frustration and disappointment run deep when those carefully planned selfie phots and videos fail to meet expectations.

    FamilyFun™ - Camera Drone makes it easy to create amazing videos from aerial camera angles that used to be only for professionals. With its compact travel size and high quality 4K camera, this easy to control mini-drone captures the entire experience with video and ‘gesture selfies’ taken from mid air! Enjoy making captivating videos of life’s adventures with infinite camera angles, ensuring the memories will never fade!


    4K CAMERA:  FamilyFun™ comes equipped with a high definition, 4K video camera that provides a sharp picture even from high up in the air. Enjoy stunning video quality that makes the experience seem real again!

    CONTROLLER STORAGE:  Designed with convenience in mind, the FamilyFun™ drone folds up and stores inside the remote controller. Incredibly compact and easy to take anywhere, this amazing drone captures all the special moments.

    BEGINNER FRIENDLY: Take off, return, and landing FamilyFun™ are all done with just a single click of a button. Perfect for beginners, this fun drone requires no prior experience to make amazing videos to share with the world!

    GESTURE SELFIES:  Simply hold up an open palm or a closed fist and FamilyFun™ takes a photo or starts/stops video. Get the entire group in the pic and make lasting memories with the next level of selfies… aerial selfies!

    MOBILE APP CONTROL:  FamilyFun™’s 4K video feed is streamed to a smartphone, enabling control of the drone. Have an exciting bird’s eye view and see what the drone sees while making aerial videos like never before.

    STORAGE CASE:   A sturdy storage case holds the FamilyFun™ drone and accessories for travel and storage when not in use. Enjoy being able to bring this high-tech drone anywhere and create amazing aerial videos any time!


    1. Make sure both batteries are fully charged for maximum fun
    2. Insert a fully charged battery into the FamilyFun™ - Camera Drone
    3. Switch the power to ON
    4. Switch the power of the remote control to ON
    5. Set a smartphone in the phone holder and connect to the drone
    6. Press the button for single button takeoff
    7. You’re airborne! Have a blast creating videos like never before!

    We understand how it feels to be excited to watch a video or see a photo of a special time, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t meet expectations and fails to really capture the moment. It can be challenging to get good video of friends and family with a smartphone, with only one camera angle and videos that come out very shaky. According to '', the average cost of hiring a drone photographer is $200 per hour, which is way too expensive for most families.

    FamilyFun™ - 4K Camera Drone is an exciting and cost effective way to take professional quality photos and videos of fun times and special moments with friends and family. It gets everyone in the shot, remains stable for quality results, and creates amazing photos and videos from thrilling camera angles. Enjoy the ability to make exciting and immersive videos that truly capture the moment, the scenery, and everyone in it!


    Material:  ABS Plastic
    Drone Folded Dimensions:  7.5 x 6 x 3 cm (3 x 2.4 x 1 inches)
    Drone Opened Dimensions:  10 x 10 x 3 cm (4 x 4 x 1 inches)
    Drone Battery:  3.7V 600mAh Lithium Ion (included)
    Control Battery:  3 AA (not included)
    Camera Resolution:  4K
    Camera Angle:  25 Degrees


    1X FamilyFun™ - Camera Drone w/ 4K Camera
    1X Remote Control
    2X Lithium Ion Battery
    1X USB Charging Cord
    1X Smartphone Mount
    4X Extra Copter Blades
    1X Storage/Travel Case
    1X Owner’s Manual

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