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    FlavorSmoke™ - Cocktail Smoker Kit


    “Perfect no brainer gift. I gifted it to my father and father-in-law and they both loved it, such a unique show to put on when having friends over and show off your cocktail making skills!”

      - Sash LAsugar
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    An enjoyable way to relax at the end of a long day is to sit in a favorite spot with a delicious glass of whiskey. However, over time a monotony can creep into this routine, with the flavorful notes that once sparked excitement becoming mundane and ordinaryThe initial pang of disappointment sets in as a once-thrilling daily passion begins to lose its allure, giving rise to a feeling of void and longing for something new.

    FlavorSmoke™ unlocks a new level of variety and excitement in the home whiskey drinking experience. With several flavors to choose from, simply and easily create rich, aromatic smoke that sits elegantly on top of the whiskey; resulting in unparalleled flavor in a rocks glass. Enjoy an elevated craft cocktail experience with pride as a favorite room in the house transforms into an elegant whiskey haven.


    EASY TO USE:  FlavorSmoke™ - Cocktail Smoker Kit is simple in both construction and operation. Simply place the wooden chimney on top of a cocktail glass, fill with wood chips, ignite until the smoke is dense, and enjoy!

    DELICIOUS AROMAS:  High quality, naturally flavored wood chips are included with FlavorSmoke™. Enjoy an enhanced cocktail experience and impress guests by taking whiskey flavor and aromas to levels never experienced before.

    EXCITING VARIETY:  Cans of Apple, Oak, Cherry and Walnut flavored wood chips come with FlavorSmoke™ - Cocktail Smoker Kit. Unlock a new world of exciting flavor combinations and variety to reinvigorate even the nicest whiskey collections.

    STAINLESS STEEL:  FlavorSmoke™ has a wide-rimmed stainless steel screen that sits in the chimney and holds the wood chips. The width and durability of the screen protectthe fine wood of the chimney so this kit will look like new after years of use.

    ELEGANT GIFT BOX:  FlavorSmoke™ makes an amazingly unique gift for a loved one, which is why it comes in an elegant gift box. Whether gifted or for personal use, enjoy the classy look this kit adds to any home bar.

    QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP:  Crafted from high quality Walnut with a thick stainless steel screen, FlavorSmoke’s™ chimney is designed to fit almost any cocktail glass. With durable materials that are easyto clean, this cocktail smoker will be a home favoritefor years to come.


    1. Pour a glass of your favorite whiskey, or any other cocktail of choice
    2. Set the FlavorSmoke™ wooden chimney on top of the cocktail glass
    3. Fill the metal screen with flavored wood chips of your choice
    4. Ignite the wood chips with a butane torch (not included)
    5. Allow the glass to fill with dense smoke and put the lid on the chimney
    6. Wait 30 seconds, remove the chimney, and enjoy a delicious smoky cocktail!

    We understand how it feels to lose the original level of joy and excitement around a particular passion or hobby in life. It can be disappointing to find that sipping a glass of the same whiskey once loved and revered has become an almost boring routineA 2021 study conducted by OnePoll shows that 78% of people felt a positive effect in life after trying something new, with 67% seeking unique food and beverage ideas.

    FlavorSmoke™ rekindles the feelings of fun and excitement in whiskey drinking, like having that very first sip all over again. With delicious apple, oak, cherry and walnut smoke flavors, this simple kit places a beautiful ball of smoke on top of a whiskey cocktail. Enjoy the enhanced flavor of a smoky cocktail and impress guests while feeling like a professional bartender in the comfort of home. 



    Chimney Material:  Wood
    Screen Material:  Stainless Steel
    Chimney Dimensions:  4” Diameter X 1.3” Height



    1X Cocktail Smoker Chimney with Lid
    1X Stainless Steel Screen
    1X Scoop
    1X Cleaning Brush
    1X Can Apple Wood Chips
    1X Can Cherry Wood Chips
    1X Can Oak Wood Chips
    1X Can Walnut Wood Chips
    1X Elegant Gift Box

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