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    Infrared Cupping Massager

    "WOW, I needed knee surgery due to scar tissue and complications from surgery and now the scar tissue is gone. I might still have a little tear of ligament that might heal, but I don't have to worry about surgery !! It is a miracle !!! Seriously, I had a complicated knee surgery and now don't have to worry any more. This vacuum and a little lotion, has helped further heal my knee! I am obviously very happy with this product.”

      -Lauren Wilson
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    Being a busy adult with a career, kids, and an endless to-do list can really take a toll on the body. By the end of a busy day, joints are hurting, and the body has aches and pains, causing many people to get home from work and spend the rest of the day collapsed on the couch. Over time, this inability to do everything in life leads to feelings of laziness, procrastination, feeling inadequate, and even depression.

    With the Infrared Cupping Massager, get all the benefits of professional cupping therapy while enjoying the comforts of home, and with the convenience to fit into any schedule. Utilizing 12 levels of suction power along with heat and infrared light therapy, this brilliant device is designed for both cupping and scraping techniques. Move through the day without pain and stiffness, and feel years younger with this effective therapeutic device!


    CUPPING THERAPY MASSAGE:  The Infrared Cupping Massager has 12 levels of suction power. The most commonly reported benefits of cupping therapy are: reduced pain, reduced inflammation, increased circulation, decreased scar tissue, improved mobility, and improvement in overall quality of life.

     INFRARED LIGHT PHYSIOTHERAPY:  Give the Infrared Cupping Massager a few minutes to preheat, and enjoy infrared light therapy while cupping at the same time. Red light therapy is beneficial in many ways, including pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, and improved circulation.


     ✅ IMPROVE BLOOD CIRCULATION:  The Infrared Cupping Massager helps to improve circulation through both its cupping capability and red light therapy. Improved circulation can help to heal injuries faster and detoxify the blood while increasing overall health and wellness.

    FASCIA SCRAPING TECHNIQUE:  The Infrared Cupping Massager helps to break up fascial adhesions by stretching and lengthening tight fascia that results from a lifestyle of limited mobility. Stretching the fascia directly improves quality of life by increasing mobility while reducing pain and inflammation.



    REDUCE SCAR TISSUE:  Scar tissue can be difficult to deal with, but this device is designed to handle it with both suctionand scraping. Easily and effortlessly destroy hardened scar tissue with the Infrared Cupping Massager, and drastically improve mobility in everyday life.

    RELEASE STORED TOXINS:  Using suction, cupping therapy has the ability to grab and lift the fascia, allowing the lymphatic system to drain the toxins that are stored inside fat cells. Flushing toxins out of the body has been shown to reduce brain fog, make the mind feel clear and sharp throughout the day.



    DAILY PAIN RELIEF:  The Infrared Cupping Massager has the ability to perform cupping techniques, scraping techniques, and infrared heat therapy all in the same session. Cupping therapy has been shown in multiple scientific research studies that it has good effect in relieving chronic pain and consequently improving quality of life!



    Optional:  Prior to cupping, massage essential oils or lotion onto the desired area of the body

    1. Press the power button to turn the device on
    2. If using infrared heating, allow 10 minutes to preheat
    3. Select your strength level 1-12 using the “+” and “-” buttons
    4. Press the device onto the desired part of the body and hold
    5. Press the pressure relief button when ready to release the suction

    We understand how challenging it is to suffer through each day while dealing with muscle tension, soreness, restricted mobility, and pain while doing simple everyday tasks. Muscle pain can prevent you from getting things done each day, playing with your kids, or getting exercise, all which leads to more pain, and often weight gain. Over 25 million American adults reportedly suffer from daily pain which interferes with their lifestyle and their ability to enjoy day to day life.

    The Infrared Cupping Massager is an effective tool for treating daily aches & pains, muscle tension, and restricted mobility. The combination of cupping therapy with infrared light therapy will soothe your body like no other device used at home. Now you can experience the benefits of cupping therapy every single day and start living your life again!


    Material:  ABS Plastic
    Color:  Green
    Dimensions:  19.5cm x 8cm x 8cm
    Input Voltage:  110-240V 50/60Hz
    Battery:  Lithium Ion - 2400 mAH
    Output Voltage:  5V


    1X Cupping Device
    1X USB Charging Cord
    5X Filter Sponges
    1X User Manual

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