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    EZ Track™ - Auto Tracking Phone Mount


    "Genius Product. Hiqh quality & tracks great. I love that this tracks movements seamlessly. No lag. It’s an inexpensive way to make videos look more professional and stand out!”

      - Halie Noel
    Verified Buyer

    Live streaming and videos have become a huge part of social media content creation, with more easy to use tools and resources available than ever before. Naturally, the level of competition for views and engagement has skyrocketed over time. This high level of competition has put an increased amount of pressure and stress on content creators to level up their game and strive to make videos that stand out from everyone else.

    The easiest, and most cost effective solution to take live streaming and video creation to the next level is the EZ Track™ - Auto Tracking Phone Mount. The phone follows the person being filmed thanks to the motion sensor, automatically keeping them in the shot at all times. Live streams and videos that once looked amateur will now look like they were shot by an actual cameraman, will stand out from the competition, and will get more views and engagement.



    INTELLIGENT MOTION TRACKING:  EZ Track™ uses motion sensing technology to track movement in a full 360°. Like having a cameraman working all day, it’s the perfect device for online content creators to make professional grade videos!

    ✅ PERFECT FOR LIVESTREAMING:  EZ Track™ has a secure clamp that holds any smartphone up to 3.2" wide. Free up both hands and have the ability to move around while remaining in the shot the entire time, for a much better live stream than holding the phone in one hand.



    HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL FILMING:  EZ Track™ has the ability to hold the phone in the horizontal and vertical positions. This allows videos to be made from any camera angle, resulting in the professional quality that viewers truly enjoy watching!

    ✅ MOUNTS ON A STANDARD TRIPOD:  EZ Track™ easily attaches to any standard tripod with a ¼” mounting interface. This provides the freedom to set the camera up at any height, anywhere in the room to get the perfect shot for every video. 


    RECHARGEABLE BATTERY:  EZ Track™ is equipped with a built-in rechargeable 2200 mAh lithium ion battery. Just plug it into the wall or a laptop, and with a full charge it will run for up to 6-8 hours, allowing plenty of time to shoot videos.

    NO APP REQUIRED:  EZ Track™ is so easy to use there’s no need for an app at all. Simply turn EZ Track™ on, hit “record”, and go- the phone will automatically start tracking!



    1. Remove EZ Track™ - Auto Tracking Phone Mount from the packaging
    2. Connect the USB charging cable via the USB port and allow to fully charge
    3. When the red charging indicator light goes out, the device is fully charged and ready for use
    4. Open the clamp and insert your phone
    5. Turn on the Smart Tracking Phone Mount, press record, and go!

    We understand how competitive social media content creation has become, and how difficult it is to stand out from everyone else. Putting lots of time and energy into creating videos, only to have them not get many views is very disappointing and upsetting. Studies show that your video must grab the viewer’s attention within the first 8 seconds or less, so you have to do something to stand out!

    EZ Track™ - Auto Tracking Phone Mount will be your new cameraman, taking the quality and engagement of your videos to the next level! It’s available whenever you need it,and it will always keep you in the shot no matter how much you move around! Forget about making videos with one boring camera angle, now you can make professional quality videos by yourself that get way more views and engagement!


    Dimensions:  8.58 x 4.69 x 2.36 inches
    Weight:  10.5 ounces
    Battery:  Lithium Ion (included)
    Mobile App:  No App Needed
    Phone Compatibility:  Any Smartphone Up To 4” Wide


    1X  EZ Track™ - Auto Tracking Phone Mount
    1X  Base Plate w/ ¼” Mounting Interface
    1X  USB Charging Cord
    1X  User Manual

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