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    EZNap™ - Baby Bag & Crib


    “Quality bag. We’ve only had this bag in use for about a month and it’s come in handy. We absolutely love that it has a travel “pack n play” built into it. Makes going out a lot easier especially with 2 kiddos!

     - Annica & Ethan Kapler
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    It’s important to bring all the essentials whenever leaving the house with a little one, as diaper changes and nap time can be totally unpredictable. Even when prepared with a bag full of everything needed, there may not be a sanitary surface available to change a baby or to lay down for a nap. Feeling unprepared to keep a baby safe and comfortable is very upsetting!

    EZNap™ - Baby Bag & Crib not only holds everything needed in organized pockets, but also has a built-in crib made for changing a baby or taking a nap.  Simply unzip the crib and extend it out while placing the comfy pad inside, and have a clean and safe crib in seconds. Relax and feel completely prepared no matter where a diaper change or a nap is needed!



    DIAPER BAG + CRIB COMBO:  EZNap™ not only holds everything a little one needs for the day, but also has a built-in crib for diaper changes or naps. There is no easier, or more convenient way to leave home with a baby!

    INSULATED BOTTLE POCKETS:  EZNap™ is built for convenience with 3 insulated bottle pockets for quick and easy access. Enjoy peace of mind knowing a warm bottle is always available in a matter of seconds.

    ✅ USED DIAPER POUCH:  EZNap™ has a waterproof, zippered pouch to separate wet items like used diapers, wet clothes, and burp cloths. Enjoy keeping the messy items separate and having a dry bag all day.

    CRIB WITH SUNDSHADE:  EZNap™'s crib with side walls and a sunshade over the top provides a safe space for a little one to nap or have a diaper change. Enjoy the convenience of having everything a baby needs in one simple backpack.

    ✅ PHONE CHARGING PORT:  Charge a smartphone on the go with EZNap™’s built in USB charging port. Enjoy the convenience of being out and about with a little one all day with plenty of battery power for photos and phone calls.

    STROLLER STRAPS:  EZNap™ comes with straps that are designed to quickly attach to any type of stroller. Enjoy taking a break from carrying a bag on the shoulders and having it easily accessible on the stroller.



    PERFECT FOR TRAVEL:  While on the go or in the hotel, always have a clean and cozy changing table with EZNap™. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from feeling prepared for any situation that arises while traveling.

    ✅ LARGE CAPACITY:  With designated organizational pockets and a large main compartment, EZNap™ has enough space for a full day out or overnight trip. Enjoy having everything needed for mommy and baby while out and about all day.



    1. Load all baby essentials into EZNap™'s organizational pockets
    2. Carry EZNap™ like a backpack or attach it to the stroller
    3. To change a diaper, first unzip the crib from the back of the bag
    4. Next, extend the crib out and insert side supports
    5. Attach the toy bar and mosquito netting as needed
    6. You’re now ready for a diaper change or nap time

    We understand how challenging it is to make sure you have everything needed for your little ones whenever you leave the house. You never know where you’ll be when a diaper change is needed, and laying your baby down on unsanitary public surfaces is not an option. A recent study that tracked bacteria on surfaces in public restrooms found around 500,000 bacterial cells per square inch!

    EZNap™ - Baby Bag & Crib is the only bag needed when leaving the house with your little one. It not only has enough space and organized pockets for extras like bottles and clothing, but it also extends out into a sanitary crib for a diaper change or a nap. With just one bag, enjoy the peace of mind knowing your little one will have a clean and safe place to lay down, no matter what.



    Backpack Dimensions:   41cm x 31cm x 20cm
    Crib Dimensions:  68cm x 33cm


    1X EZNap™ - Baby Bag & Crib

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