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    FunStunt™ - RC Twist Car

    Hot Pink

    “This is by far my son's favorite RC car as it can last up to 60 minutes of playtime. His favorite thing about this car is the remote-control watch. When he wears the watch on his wrist and then moves his hand in a direction it moves the RC car in that direction. This rc car can be used outdoors as it has off-road wheels and can even climb up rocks and hills and if it flips over it can still be driven upside down. overall it was a great purchase and really recommend”

     - Sandra Johnson
    Verified Buyer

    It seems that the days are gone when kids used to spend all day outside, running around the neighborhood playing games. Kids in the 8-12 age range are spending way too much time glued to electronic devices and video games. It’s very disheartening to know that many kids are staying inside on various devices and video games instead of going out to play.

    With the FunStunt™ - RC Twist Car, kids will be having fun outside for hours. Drive this crazy 4WD remote control vehicle in 6 different directions with a flick of the wrist using its Gesture Control technology. Kids will forget about video games and devices while laughing and playing with this incredible stunt car for hours, getting back to what "playing" really is!



    GESTURE CONTROL:  With cutting edge RC gesture technology, the FunStunt™ RC Twist Car can be controlled with the flick of the wrist when wearing the included remote control watch. Become a master of maneuverability just by waving a hand around!

    DUAL DRIVING MODES:  Able to switch on the fly between Driving Mode and Climbing Mode, the FunStunt™ RC Twist Car can handle all kinds of terrain and obstacles. Enjoy the fun and freedom of being able to drive the car almost anywhere imaginable.

    60 MINS RUN TIME:  With two built-in high capacity rechargeable batteries, the FunStunt™ RC Twist Car runs for up to 60 minutes on one charge. Plenty of time to conquer lots of terrain and stunts and have tons of fun!

    STUNT WHEELS:  The crazy Crosstire wheels on the FunStunt™ RC Twist Car allow it to spin, drive sideways, and drive in 6 different directions! With maneuverability like no other RC car, the creative ideas for stunts are never ending.

    CONQUER ANY TERRAIN:  The FunStunt™ RC Twist Car is designed to handle any terrain it can find with its ability to drive in 6 directions and switch into Climbing Mode on the fly. From dirt to grass, to sand and rock, explore everywhere and feel unstoppable!

    MULTICOLORED LIGHTS:  Darkness cannot hold the FunStunt™ RC Twist Car back with its wheels full of multicolored LED lights. Light up the night and never lose track of the car as the fun continues on!



    1. Plug the batteries in via the USB charger and fully charge
    2. Install fully charged batteries into the car
    3. Use the remote control or gesture control watch to control the car
    4. Cannot use the remote control and gesture control watch at the same time
    5. Create challenging obstacles & stunts and have a blast!

    We understand how stubborn kids can be, and how difficult it is to get them to put down the video games and play outside. Before digital devices and social media became popular, neighborhoods were full of kids running around playing with each other, which unfortunately seems like a relic of the past. According to the CDC, children ages 8-10 spend an average of 6 hours per day of “screen time”, while the recommended amount is no more than 1 to 2 hours!

    Once your kids head outside with the FunStunt™ - RC Twist Car, they won’t come back in for hours. This car is designed for maximum fun with its innovative Gesture Control, ability to drive in 6 different directions, and instantly switch into Climbing Mode. Kids will spend hours playing with each other and will totally forget about video games as they invent wacky stunts and challenges!



    Material:  ABS Plastic
    Control Frequency:  2.4ghz
    Batteries:  Rechargeable Lithium Ion



    1X FunStunt™ RC Twist Car
    1X Remote Control - 2.4ghz
    1X Gesture Control Watch
    2X Rechargeable Battery
    2X USB Battery Charger
    1X User Manual

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