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    EasyRoll™ - Furniture Roller

    “I'm a woman. No more calling for help to move furniture. I was skeptical, my husband and I are getting up there in years, after illnesses and surgeries I don’t want him lifting heavy furniture. This is great. I put the wheels under my dining room table (heavy, large) and moved it myself like a feather.

     - MIMS
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    Anyone who maintains a clean home is aware that dust and dirt accumulate beneath large pieces of furniture. This dirt could easily be cleaned if the furniture were moved just a few feet away, but dragging or pushing the furniture involves a huge risk of permanent damage to the floor. It's very frustrating to see dirt pile up and not be able to reach it without the help of another person to safely move the furniture.

    Now, anyone can easily move big and heavy pieces of furniture with the incredible EasyRoll™ - Furniture Roller. Easily lift heavy furniture to insert the 360° rollers underneath, then roll the furniture away, clean behind it, and roll it back! With this amazing tool, no help is needed and moving heavy furniture for cleaning or rearranging is completely stress free!


    ✅ 26” LEVER ARM:  The furniture lifter uses an extra long, 26” extended arm to maximize leverage. This allows the EasyRoll™ to lift extremely heavy pieces of furniture very easily, with just one hand. 

    ✅ 360° ROLLERS: EasyRoll™ comes with four sturdy furniture rollers that are made with wheels that freely rotate 360°. Enjoy the freedom of easily rolling furniture in any direction necessary, even around sharp corners!


    ✅ NON-SLIP:  The four furniture rollers included with EasyRoll™ have a heavy duty, rubbery non-slip surface to set the furniture onto. Move furniture around the house with confidence that even very heavy pieces will stay safely on the rollers.

    ✅ REAL CASTERS:  The wheels on The EasyRoll™ furniture rollers are proper furniture casters, made with strong steel and smooth rolling wheels. Enjoy being able to move heavy pieces of furniture with ease and confidence.


    ✅ LIFT HEAVY FURNITURE:  EasyRoll™ uses the amazing power of leverage to easily lift furniture that would be far too heavy for a single person. This allows a single person to safely lift and move furniture weighing hundreds of pounds without any help.

    ✅ EASY TO MANEUVER: The EasyRoll™ uses smooth rolling, high quality wheels to move furniture instead of pads that slide across the floor. Enjoy peace of mind knowing the furniture AND the floor will remain undamaged whenever furniture is moved.


    1. Insert the edge of EasyRoll™ - Furniture Roller’s lever arm underneath a corner of the  furniture
    2. With one hand, grip the lever arm and push downward, which will lift the furniture off the floor by 2-3 inches
    3. With the other hand, insert one of the four furniture rollers underneath the lifted corner of the furniture
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 until the piece of furniture is sitting on top of all four furniture rollers
    5. Now you can roll the furniture in any direction with ease!

    We understand how it feels to have dust balls building up underneath big pieces of furniture that are too heavy for one person to move without damaging the floor. It can be frustrating when it would only take a few seconds to vacuum up the dirt, but you need to bother someone to help move the furniture. According to, the average 5 drawer dresser weighs 150 pounds, empty!

    EasyRoll™ - Furniture Roller allows one person to move heavy pieces of furniture all by themselves safely, while protecting the floor! Easily lift the furniture and insert the rollers underneath, and now the furniture can move in 360 degrees! Enjoy the ease and convenience of moving furniture without asking another person to help, now you can just get the job done!


    Lever Arm Length:  26 inches
    Furniture Rollers:  4.25 x 4.25 inches  


    1X EasyRoll™ - Furniture Roller Lever Arm
    1X Extension Arm
    4X Furniture Rollers w/ Real Casters

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