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    HandyTorch™ - Jet Lighter

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    “Works great. I bought as a gift for my dad and brother and they love it! My dad was able to use it in the freezing windy weather of Colorado to help fix things it worked so good it almost melted what he was heating up!

     -Candice Velpuri
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    Construction workers, handymen, and 'do-it-yourselfers' alike run up against many tasks that demand a stronger flame than what a conventional cigarette lighter can provide. The feeble flame produced by a conventional lighter does not burn hot enough for work related tasks, won't last for a second in the wind, and will burn the user's finger if used at an angle. Attempting to complete any kind of work related task with a conventional lighter is frustrating, painful, and inefficient.

    HandyTorch™ - Jet Lighter is a butane torch designed for ease of use and getting jobs done; to be another tool added to the toolbox. It burns far hotter than a conventional lighter, can be locked on for extended use, and utilizes a powerful air-propelled flame that is hyper-focused and easily aimed in any direction. Whatever the task may be, save time and frustration by getting it done more efficiently and effectively with this high powered butane torch.



    DESIGNED FOR SAFETY:  When holding the ignition button down with a thumb, fingers are nowhere near the flame while using HandyTorch™. Enjoy peace of mind knowing this torch can be used very safely, even for an extended time

    AIR-PROPELLED FLAME:  This is what gives HandyTorch™ the “torch” effect, by producing a high powered, hyper-focused flame that always points straight. Any job requiring a strong flame will get done incredibly fast and easily with a torch that can be aimed in any direction.

    VARIETY OF USES:  With an air-propelled flame and auto lock feature, HandyTorch™ can handle any work related task that requires a very hot flame. Enjoy the flexibility of using the flame safely at any angle, and complete tasks more efficiently than ever before.

    2500° FAHRENHEIT:  Due to its high powered air-propelled flame, the HandyTorch™ reaches temperatures in excess of 2500° Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt many common metals. Have the power to effectively get things done that a standard lighter cannot do.

    SAFETY LOCK:  The HandyTorch™ button locks in the “Off” position to prevent accidental ignition when being stored or transported. Confidently bring this torch wherever it’s needed, even with children around, knowing everyone will be safe.

    WINDPROOF FLAME:  The HandyTorch™ will operate equally well outdoors in the wind thanks to its high powered, air-propelled flame. Enjoy the efficiency of getting things done outside no matter what the conditions are.


    1. Fill the Handy Torch™ fuel reservoir with high quality butane via the fuel port in the bottom of the lighter (Zippo brand butane recommended but others also work)
    2. Press the ignition button to instantly produce a strong flame
    3. Adjust the length of the flame using the sliding button on the side
    4. Press the lock button to lock the torch in the on position
    5. Aim the flame in any direction necessary according to the task at hand
    6. Enjoy getting things done in the home, kitchen, and job site that a standard gas station lighter could never accomplish!

    We understand how difficult it is for workers to get tasks that require a flame done on the job site or in a home project with a conventional cigarette lighter. It can be very frustrating to encounter a task that could be done quickly and easily with the proper flame, but the only option available is a conventional lighter that will burn your finger after only a few seconds of use. According to a Home Depot survey in 2019, “68% of handymen and DIY enthusiasts use a butane torch to complete various tasks.”

    The Handy Torch™ - Jet Lighter is designed to be simple to operate, used for a long duration of time, and to get things done without burning any fingers. Its potent and adjustable air-propelled flame can be aimed in any direction and utilized from any angle (even completely inverted); to complete tasks that require a strong and precise flame. Enjoy the ability to use a hyper-focused, ultra powerful flame with ease and confidence while safely getting the job done.


    Handy Torch™ Length:  7 Inches
    Handy Torch™ Width:  1.5 inches


    1X Handy Torch™ - Jet Lighter
    1X Owner’s Manual

    *Note:  Butane cannot be shipped internationally and is therefore not included. It can be found in many retail stores. We recommend Zippo brand butane for best performance.

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