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    JetFoam™ Stunt Drone


    “The gravity control is easy. This is a cute little drone airplane. It's a foam material so you don't have to worry about damage to paint. It's very easy to learn and I especially like the gravity button which allows you to control it with hand gestures vs control pad. This would be great for kids or anyone wanting a starter drone.”

    - Lauren Nicholson
    Verified Buyer

    Kids seem to have forgotten about playing with toys and friends outside, like their parents used to. These days, kids are spending way too much time sitting on the couch, playing on and staring at devices, without getting anywhere near enough physical activity and exercise. This is very concerning, as lack of physical activity in children increases risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes later in life.

    JetFoam™ Stunt Drone will get kids up off the couch and playing in a super interactive way, either indoors or outdoors. With a simple remote control, gesture response, four powerful motors and built-in aerial stunts, this RC fighter jet drone is easy, safe and fun to fly. It keeps kids entertained for hours, stimulates the brain, and encourages development of skills such as hand eye coordination and spatial recognition.



    FOUR MOTORS:  With four upgraded rotary motors, the JetFoam™ Stunt Drone is very powerful and maneuverable. It flies strong and can change directions in an instant, for hours of stunt flying fun!

    AERIAL STUNTS:  JetFoam™ Stunt Drone is programmed to do incredible stunts at the touch of a button, like the ‘stunt roll’ and 360° hovering. Look and feel like a professional drone pilot in no time! 



    2 RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES:  JetFoam™ Stunt Drone comes with two rechargeable batteries, so one can charge while the other is powering the jet. The fun doesn’t have to end just because a battery dies, just pop a fresh one in and keep on flying!

    GRAVITY SENSING:  Switch the JetFoam™ Stunt Drone into ‘Gravity Mode’ and control the direction of flight by moving and tilting the remote control. Flying in Manual Mode is easy, step up to the challenge of mastering Gravity Mode!


    PREMIUM EPP FOAM:  Made of a squishy yet durable EPP foam, JetFoam™ Stunt Drone won’t break or leave any marks if it hits a wall in the house. Have fun trying risky stunts without fear of easily breaking or damaging the drone… it just keeps going!

    SIMPLE REMOTE CONTROL:  JetFoam™ Stunt Drone has an easy to use remote control that has one joystick and is operated with just one hand. Much faster to master than a control with two joysticks, become a pro in no time!


    SAFE FOR KIDS:  The fan blades on the JetFoam™ Stunt Drone’s motors are recessed and surrounded by protective EPP foam. Never worry about the blades coming into contact with objects around the house, including hands and fingers!

    EASY TAKE OFF & LANDING:  JetFoam™ Stunt Drone is programmed to take off and land vertically with just one push of a button. Don’t spend weeks learning basic maneuvers like take off and landing, focus on learning all the fun stunts right away!



    1. Insert a fully charged battery into the JetFoam™ Stunt Drone
    2. Switch the drone and the remote control on
    3. Press the take off button on the remote
    4. Have a blast learning aerial stunts!

    We understand how challenging it can be to get kids off their devices and out of the house to play with their friends. Kids used to get off the schoolbus and play games like kickball or street hockey, while nowadays they go straight home to sit in front of the TV or video games. According to the CDC, children ages 8-10 spend about 6 hours per day in front of a screen using entertainment media.

    The JetFoam™ Stunt Drone is one of the most fun and interactive toys a child can have, getting them off the couch and away from electronic devices. Designed to be flown inside or outside, the durable jet made of EPP foam is highly maneuverable and is programmed to do amazing aerial stunts with a simple remote control. With this exciting beginner drone, kids will have a blast in a super interactive way while learning to fly!


    Drone Dimensions:  11 x 11 x 5 inches
    Battery Runtime:  About 15 Minutes
    No Assembly Required


    1X  JetFoam™ Stunt Drone
    1X  2.4Ghz Remote Control
    1X  Charging Cable
    2X  Rechargeable Battery
    4X Replacement Motor Blades

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