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    Balls And Cups™ - Montessori Learning Toy

    “My baby loves this even though he’s not quite at the age to play with it correctly. He loves “pouring” the balls from one cup to the other. Eventually, I’m hoping he will scoop with the spoon and sort by colors, but that’s down the road. I like how versatile this is because you can play with it in different ways at different levels of development.”

     - Katy Emerson 
    Verified Buyer

    Toddlers are constantly interacting with the world around them, learning new things every day. It’s a shame to see little ones spending this valuable phase of life staring at digital screens or playing with toys that are not helping develop important cognitive skills. It’s disappointing to feel like children are wasting time playing with nonsense toys when they could be learning valuable skills.

    Educational toys like Balls And Cups™ - Montessori Learning Toy are highly interactive, and designed for learning while playing. This toy develops cognitive and fine motor skills through the challenge of scooping balls with a spoon and placing them into the matching cup. Developing these skills in early stages of life help children to excel both socially and academically.



    MONTESSORI LEARNING STYLE:  This approach to learning was developed by Maria Montessori in 1897 to emphasize hands-on interaction. Montessori toys nurture children's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

    QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP:  Balls And Cups™ is finely crafted from durable linden wood. The smooth finish means children's fingers will never get any splinters, and this toy will be fun for years to come!



    ENHANCE COGNITIVE ABILITIES:  The challenge of placing each ball into the matching cup enhances cognitive abilities such as thinking, remembering, and problem solving. These skills are crucial in developing a child’s self confidence.

    DEVELOP FINE MOTOR SKILLS:  The action of scooping the balls with the spoon and placing them into the cups is designed to develop fine motor skills. Feeling capable with hands and fingers helps children interact better with the world.


    DEVELOP GRASPING ABILITY:  Younger children will grasp the balls directly in their hands, and will eventually grow into using the spoon to scoop the balls. As children progress in their skills, confidence in their own abilities will skyrocket.

    REDUCE DAILY SCREEN TIME:  Sedentary “screen time” requires children to expend no energy whatsoever, while increasing risk of attention disorders, anxiety and depression. With Balls And Cups™, children learn while they play!




    1. Balls And Cups™ is designed for open-ended play, meaning your child can play with it in different ways according to their preference
    2. Place the 12 wooden balls into the bowl
    3. Arrange the 12 cups around the bowl
    4. If your child is ready to use the spoon, provide that, but many young children start without the spoon
    5. Set your child on the floor with the Montessori Balls And Cups and watch their creativity come to life!

    We understand how challenging it is to raise a child in today’s world full of constant distractions and digital media, most of which is not benefitting children at all. Many kids today have their eyes glued to screens, and are not spending enough time developing skills that are applicable in the “real world”. According to the CDC, 1 in 6 children have a developmental disability due to an impairment in learning that began in the earliest stages of life.

    Balls And Cups™ - Montessori Learning Toy is the perfect toy for toddlers to develop independence, confidence, and critical thinking skills. This simple yet brilliant toy nurtures cognitive and fine motor skills instead of draining your child’s energy and creating lazy habits like way too much screen time. Provide your child with the opportunity to begin developing important life skills while they play, setting them up to become confident, independent adults.


    Wooden Balls:  Diameter 1.4 inches
    Wooden Cups:  Height 2.4 inches
    Wooden Spoon:  Length 6 inches
    Wooden Bowl:  Diameter 4.75 inches


    12X Colored Wooden Balls
    12X Colored Wooden Cups
    1X Wooden Bowl
    1X Wooden Spoon
    1X Wooden Storage Box
    1X Instruction Manual

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