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    MathMagic™ - Montessori Numbers Fun

    “An excellent plaything for both enjoyment and instruction. I searched for a toy that would both entertain and instruct my youngster. It offers excellent value for the cost and has proven to be a source of boundless hours of amusement and education.”

     - Petra Obadal
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    Kids growing up today are exposed to more digital media than any generation before, and the negative consequences are becoming apparent. Kids are spending more time in the early learning years staring at digital screens and a lot less time interacting with the real world and developing important life skills such as fine motor skills, concentration and problem solving. It’s disappointing to see young children wasting time on electronic devices and watching screens, which creates concern about long-term consequences in life as children grow into adults.

    Introducing MathMagic™ - Montessori Numbers Fun, an interactive way for kids to have fun while learning basic math along with fine motor skills and important cognitive abilities. This dynamic numbers set challenges kids to recognize numbers and solve math problems based on the printed numeral as well as by the correct number of marbles of the matching color. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing kids excel with cognitive skills such as problem solving, remembering, and decision making, which are very important throughout life.



    DEVELOP CONFIDENCE:  MathMagic™ is designed on the Montessori approach to learning, which emphasizes hands-on interaction and real world learning. This learning style fosters long term qualities such as independence, confidence, and critical thinking.

    MULTIPLE LEARNING STYLES:  Each of the number boards in MathMagic™ displays its number in three ways; with text, with a numeral, and with the corresponding number of marbles. This kind of visual and interactive learning caters to children of all learning styles.

    ✅ DEVELOP FINE MOTOR SKILLS:  The interactive learning style utilized by MathMagic™ is very stimulating and engaging. This style of interactive learning holds children's' attention and is a more healthy alternative to spending time on electronic devices with bright screens.

    COLOR RECOGNITION:  5 sets of beautifully colored wooden marbles come with MathMagic™. These colored marbles aid children in learning color recognition, counting, and improving fine motor skills while picking them up with the tweezers.

    GRASPING SKILLS:  A fun-to-use pair of oversized tweezers comes with MathMagic™ for moving the marbles around. This allows children to develop fine motor skills such as grasping, placing, and hand-eye coordination.

    ✅ LEARN BASIC MATH:  MathMagic™ comes with tiles for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, along with an 'equals' sign. Enjoy creating basic math problems to accelerate children's learning.


    1. Remove all pieces from the packaging and lay them out on the floor or a table
    2. Place each of the marbles in the corresponding color coded bowl
    3. Start by using the tweezers to place the correct number of marbles on each number card, also with the matching color
    4. Use the mathematical symbols such as plus and minus to create math problems to solve
    5. Get creative with different math problems and have fun while learning!

    We understand how challenging it is to raise a child in today’s electronic world full of distractions and digital media, most of which is of a negative nature and is not enhancing your child’s ability to learn important life skills. It's very convenient for parents to use a smartphone or tablet to keep a little one occupied, but there are long-term consequences such as short attention spans and a lack of experience interacting with the world around them. According to, too much screen time raises your child’s risk of developing attention disorders, anxiety, depression and obesity.

    MathMagic™ - Montessori Numbers Fun is the perfect toy for kids ages 4-10, as it not only helps them develop basic math and number skills, but also important cognitive abilities. This simple yet brilliant toy nurtures fine motor skills and teaches math instead of draining kids energy and creating lazy habits by spending too much time in front of screens like TV or a smartphone. Provide your child with the opportunity to develop cognitive abilities while they play, setting them up to become confident and independent critical thinkers as children, teenagers, and eventually as highly capable adults.


    Material:  Soft Wood
    Recommended Age:  4-10 Years


    10X Wooden Number Boards
    5X Sets of Colored Marbles
    5X Small Bowls for Marbles
    1X Oversized Tweezer
    1X Wooden Chopsticks
    1X Set of Math Cards

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