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    PhotoSurprise™ - Photo Explosion Box

    Explosive surprise!!! My daughter found this and ordered it for her dad for Father’s Day. He was so touched that he took it every where that we went that day! It is very easy to assemble, and creates a lasting memory for years to come."

     - Kirstie P.
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    Nothing feels better than receiving a homemade, hand crafted gift that someone put a lot of thought and care into. However, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find unique gifts for loved ones that truly express feelings in a thoughtful and memorable way. Although it’s true that, “it’s the thought that counts,” giving a lackluster, boring gift on a special occasion is a very unsatisfying experience.

    PhotoSurprise™ - Photo Explosion Box is one of the most thoughtful and unique handcrafted gifts that anyone could ever receive! Customize the box with 24 meaningful photos and surprise a loved one when it unexpectedly "explodes" outwards in a beautiful pattern! Enjoy giving an unforgettable, meaningful gift with this exploding photo gift box filled with images of special times together that will be cherished forever!


    24 PHOTOS:  PhotoSurprise™ has four separate layers that “explode”, and they hold six photos each. Instead of framing and gifting just one photo, give a 24-photo collage beautifully displayed in flower pattern!

    ✅ ELEGANT BOX:  When it’s all closed up and tied with an elegant ribbon (included), PhotoSurprise™ looks like an expensive gift box from a high end store. Give a homemade, handcrafted gift with the appearance of a store bought gift, adding to the element of surprise!

    ✅ UNEXPECTED SURPRISE:  PhotoSurprise™ is a creatively unique gift that very few people have ever seen before. Enjoy watching the recipient’s surprise as not just one, but four box lids are removed, with an explosion of new photos each time!

    ✅ CREATE MEMORIES:  Over time, gift giving has become very routine and has lost a lot of its meaning, but PhotoSurprise™ is here to change that. Create an unforgettable memory by giving one of the most unique and thoughtful gifts anyone has ever seen.

    ✅ HANDCRAFTED:  PhotoSurprise™ arrives as a blank canvas, ready to be filled with photos and decorated in any way imaginable. Nothing says “I care” more than a customized, handmade gift that loving thought was put into.

    ✅ GIFT INSIDE:  The “explosions” of photos is not the only surprise that comes with PhotoSurprise™, there’s also a small gift box found in the very center of it all. Enjoy a gift giving experience like never before, with a special gift surrounded by a photo collage!


    1. Assemble PhotoSurprise™ according to the instructions
    2. Decorate with photos and get as creative as you want
    3. Place a small gift inside the smallest box at the center of the "explosion"
    4. Starting with the innermost layer of the “flower”, fold the photo “pedals” up and place the appropriate size lid on top to hold them in
    5. Repeat this process, working outwards, until the largest lid is placed last
    6. Tie the included bow around the box to keep it all together
    7. Give this gift to a loved one and enjoy the joyous surprise on their face when they open it!

    We understand how difficult it is to find gift ideas for loved ones that feel thoughtful, convey a feeling of love, and will leave a lasting impression. It can be a huge let down when after spending hours brainstorming ideas, you haven’t found any exciting gift ideas. A study in Journal of Marketing shows that people feel homemade items show more love than store bought items, and love is what they want to express to the gift recipient.

    PhotoSurprise™ - Photo Explosion Box is the perfect homemade, thoughtful gift for a loved one that goes way above and beyond a store bought gift. Have fun customizing this blank canvas in the form of an unexpected “exploding” gift box, ready to be handcrafted with 24 meaningful photos that will be cherished by the receiver of this gift. Enjoy giving one of the most memorable gifts anyone could ever receive, and create a “forever” memory with a loved one!


    PhotoSurprise™ Unfolded/Open Dimensions:  47cm X 47cm (18.5 X 18.5 inches)

    PhotoSurprise™ Height When Closed:  14.3cm (5.5 inches)


    1X  Photo Explosion Box
    1X  “Happy Everyday” Ribbon

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