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    SafetyTorch™ - Flashlight

    “Super bright. This is the brightest flashlight I’ve ever had.”

     - Cheryl M. Hughes
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    Walking on the street or in a parking lot at night can be risky, as attackers often use the cover of darkness to their advantage. Being unprepared for unexpected situations without the proper tools, and feeling like a potential victim is not a safe or effective strategy. Feeling unsafe while simply walking from work to the car or home can ruin the day with worry, anxiety, and fear

    The SafetyTorch™ - Flashlight is a small and lightweight, yet extremely bright LED flashlight. Walking with a bright light in hand is a major deterrent to would-be attackers, and if they were to approach, this super bright light will temporarily blind and disorient them. Enjoy the peace of mind of confidently walking alone at night feeling prepared to handle any unexpected situation!


    HANDHELD SIZE:  At only 5 inches in length, the SafetyTorch™ easily fits into most handbags, and is suitable for small hands. This light is fast and easy to deploy with just one hand whenever an unexpected situation arises.

    BLINDING POWER:  The SafetyTorch™ is far more powerful than necessary to temporarily blind an attacker by shining it directly in the eyes. Blinding light is one of the safest and most effective non-lethal tools for self defense, and this light has the power to stop anyone in their tracks. 

    ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION:  Aluminum is known for being both strong and lightweight, which is why the body of the SafetyTorch™ is constructed from it. This flashlight feels light as a feather while carrying in a handbag, and will last for many years.

    8000 LUMENS:  The SafetyTorch™ uses four high quality LED’s (SST40 by Luminus) that put out a total combined power of 8,000 Lumens. Illuminate the entire street at night and scare off potential attackers while walking with this incredibly bright torch in hand. 

    USB-C RECHARGEABLE:  Rechargeable batteries and a USB-C charging cord come with the SafetyTorch™. Enjoy the convenience of charging in a car, or through a laptop or power bank and this light will always be ready for action.

    WATERPROOF:  The SafetyTorch™ passes the IPX8 Immersion Test specifications for waterproofness in over one meter of water. Enjoy the confidence of knowing this light is always dependable, even in the rain.


    1. Insert the included rechargeable batteries into SafetyTorch™
    2. Screw the cap on tightly to form a waterproof seal
    3. Press the button at the end of the handle to power on
    4. Press the button again to adjust the desired  brightness level

    We understand how it feels to be worried about walking alone at night with all the violence reported in the media. It can be extremely frightening to be alone in public places like parking lots in the dark, feeling helpless without any kind of light. According to data from the Office for National Statistics, 50% of women in 2021 felt unsafe walking alone after dark.

    The SafetyTorch™ is an extremely bright, small, and lightweight flashlight that can be carried with you at all times. With the blinding bright power of 8,000 Lumens, this flashlight offers self protection as it easily blinds and disorients an attacker. Enjoy the feelings of peace of mind and safety while walking alone at night with the SafetyTorch™ sitting in your handbag, ready for action at a moment’s notice! 


    SafetyTorch™ Dimensions:  127mm (5 inches) Length X 50mm (2 inches) Head Width
    Weight:  300g Without Battery
    Material:  Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy
    Color:  Black
    Waterproof Rating:  IPX8
    LED Technology:  Luminus SST40
    Max Output:  8,000 Lumens
    Max Beam Range:  450 Meters


    1X  SafetyTorch™ - Flashlight
    1X  USB-C Charging Cord
    3X  3000 mAh Rechargeable Batteries
    2X  Spare Waterproof O-Rings
    1X  User Manual

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