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    SmartCharge™ - Docking Station


     bought this to leave at work just in case I forgot to charge my things the night before. Let me tell you, it has come in clutch! It saves me from having to carry around 3 cords and blocks. My desk isn't cluttered with more cords. It looks stylish on my desk. I took it with me during a weekend trip and instead of having to carry my power strip I just took this one, slim device. Next Christmas everyone on my list will be getting one!

     - Heni
    Verified Buyer

    For many busy professionals, having a workspace cluttered with cords and device chargers adds unnecessary stress to the day. Smartphones and related devices are used all day by busy people, and more devices means more batteries to keep charged and chargers to keep track of. These days every device has a unique charger, which is frustrating and annoying to deal with, making it very easy to forget one of them.

    SmartCharge™ - Docking Station is sleek, elegant, compact, and incredibly convenient and effective for busy professionals using multiple devices. One small docking station will simultaneously charge a smartphone, smartwatch, and wireless earbuds, and it holds the phone at an angle that makes it usable while charging. By plugging just one cord into the wall, all three devices can charge throughout the workday, always ready for use.


    3-IN-1 WIRELESS CHARGING:  SmartCharge™ can charge the three most commonly used devices simultaneously, eliminating the need for three different chargers. Enjoy the simplicity of keeping track of just one charger for all devices.

    ALWAYS CHARGING:  SmartCharge™ is constantly charging devices so they’re ready to go when it’s time to leave the desk. Whether going to a meeting, or taking an unexpected video call, feel confident in always having fully charged devices.



    ONE CORD:  With SmartCharge™, only one cord needs to be plugged into the wall to charge a smartphone, smartwatch, and earbuds. Make day to day life more simple and less cluttered with just one charging station for all devices.

    FOLDS FLAT:  Perfect for business travel when taking the office on the road, SmartCharge™ folds flat to easily slide into a luggage pocket. This charger makes life on the road so much easier!


    SAFE CHARGING:  SmartCharge™ is equipped with safety mechanisms such as over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, and short circuit prevention. Safely leave devices on the charger all day while at work.

    TILT ANGLE:  Holding the phone at the perfect viewing angle, SmartCharge™ allows for full use of the phone while charging either vertically or horizontally. Enjoy being able to read messages or watch videos while the phone is charging.


    1. Set up SmartCharge™ in flat or upright position
    2. Plug it into a wall outlet
    3. Place smartphone, smartwatch, and earbuds in their places
    4. Enjoy the convenience of one single charger for all three devices!

    We understand how it feels to be working busy days while constantly juggling different chargers for different devices, while making sure all are charged and ready for use. Having a workspace cluttered with cords and chargers gets confusing and annoying and adds stress to the workday.  According to a survey conducted by Duracell, 68% of adults feel frustrated by too many charging cords cluttering up their space.

    SmartCharge™ - Docking Station eliminates the clutter and confusion of a different charger for each device by making multiple device charging as simple as possible. This 3-in-1 wireless charging station will simultaneously charge three devices with only one cord plugged into the wall. Enjoy the ease and simplicity of using only one charger while the SmartCharge™ - Docking Station charges all your devices at the same time.


    Material:  ABS Plastic
    Max Smartphone Output:  100W
    Max Smartwatch Output:  5W
    Max Earbuds Output:  5W


    1X SmartCharge™ - Docking Station
    1X USB-C Charging Cable
    1X User Manual

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