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    SmoothSkin™ - Hair Removal Device

    "Wish I would have gotten this years ago! I’ve been using this device for about 2 months now & it is worth it! Hair is growing back significantly slower, and not as much. I've suffered from ingrown hairs due to shaving and waxing which is no longer an issue. My skin feels healthy & smooth. Definitely recommend!!”

     - Heather L.
    ✅ Verified Buyer

    The continual process of removing body hair becomes a repetitive chore that consumes an excessive amount of time. Shaving legs every day is not only a very repetitive, time consuming task, but it can also leave behind terrible razor burn, making it even more painful to shave next time. Keeping up with body hair removal becomes exhausting and monotonous, and before long it feels like a big waste of time.

    SmoothSkin™ - Hair Removal Device is the newest technology in safe and effective at-home body hair removal. By using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, it flashes pulses of intense light that cause hair growth to slow down and eventually stop altogether, leaving the skin assmooth as can be. Experience long term smoothness that a razor cannot provide, and feel liberated from the daily shaving routine while enjoying the gift of extra time!



    INTENSE PULSED LIGHT (IPL):  SmoothSkin™ utilizes IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)technology, which flashes pulses of intense light that cause growth to slow and eventually stop. Enjoy salon-quality hair removal results at home for a fraction of the price!

    PAINLESS & PERMANENT:  The IPL technology used by SmoothSkin™ is completely painless and results in permanent hair loss as the hair follicle is destroyed by the intense light. Enjoy a morning routine without shaving and have ultra smooth skin all day!


    LCD DISPLAY:  SmoothSkin™ has an easy to read LCD display that shows the power level selected and number of IPL flashes remaining. This device is incredibly easy to use, making the process of hair removal more enjoyable than ever.

    AUTOMATIC & MANUAL MODES:  Easily toggle between SmoothSkin™’s automatic and manual modes. When targeting a larger area such as the legs, automatic mode makes this easy process even easier and faster!

    900,000 FLASHES:  SmoothSkin™ is designed for a long life, with the capability of emitting up to nine hundred thousand IPL flashes of light. This allows for consistent use over time, which is the way to get the best hair removal results with IPL technology.

    8 POWER LEVELS:  Choose between SmoothSkin™’s 8 different power levels with simple one button operation and an LCD display. Begin on the lowest power setting and increase it over time to get the best hair loss results!


    1. Begin by shaving the area of the body to be treated to remove surface hair
    2. Remove SmoothSkin™ from the package, connect the power cord and plug into the wall
    3. Select desired power level - it is recommended to start low and increase over time
    4. Put the included pair of protective glasses on to protect the eyes from the bright light
    5. Place the head of the device directly onto the skin, and press the trigger button
    6. Once a quick, bright light has flashed, move SmoothSkin™ to the next location and repeat
    7. Apply moisturizing lotion to the skin after treatment
    8. For best results, use SmoothSkin™ consistently 3X per week for the first four weeks
    9. Enjoy life with drastically reduced hair growth and no longer having to shave every day!

    We understand how difficult it is to keep up with personal care, and daily hair removal is one of the most time consuming tasks. It gets very tiresome spending time shaving legs every day with a sharp razor that often causes irritating razor burn. In a 2019 survey conducted by the American Society for Dermatological Surgery, 85% of respondents reported being bothered by unwanted body hair.

    SmoothSkin™ - Hair Removal Device will add time to the day as the need to shave every single day is eliminated. This device is designed to painlessly stop hair growth at the root by destroying the hair follicle itself with super intense yet completely painless pulses of light. Enjoy shaving as little as once per week or even less while SmoothSkin™ leaves the skin as smooth as it could possibly be!


    Material:  ABS Plastic
    Power Supply:  Plug-in to AC power outlet
    Operation Modes:  Automatic & Manual
    Total IPL Pulses:  900,000


    1X SmoothSkin™ - Hair Removal Device
    1X Protective Eyewear
    1X Razor to Shave Surface Hair
    1X Power Cord
    1X User Manual

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